Lay Summary

Proposal No. IBD-0264R
Principal Investigator:  Richard Neil Fedorak, M.D.
Applicant Organization:  University of Alberta (Edmonton, Canada)
Project Title:  The IBD metabolome project: human metabolomic analysis of patients with IBD
Period of Award:  January 1, 2010 - March 31, 2013

A specific pattern of metabolites in patients with a particular disease can be thought of as a metabolic “fingerprint”, which is similar for all individuals with the same illness. Metabolite quantitation is accomplished using a technique called Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy.

What will our group achieve in this study?

Building on our expertise and success in identifying an IBD mouse urinary metabolomic fingerprint, we will be able to move forward and identify metabolite differences in the urine of humans with CD or UC. We will do this through identification of the differences in urinary metabolite profiles in these two patient populations as compared to healthy people. In this way, we will identify the unique metabolomic fingerprints for CD and UC in humans, which will allow for the development of a diagnostic test.

Stated in another way, our objectives in this study are to:

Identify the urinary metabolic profile of individuals with IBD as compared with healthy, non-IBD individuals. 
2.      Compare this urinary metabolic profile in patients with CD and UC to determine if differences exist between these two groups.
3.      Compare the urinary metabolic profile of IBD patients with those who have non-IBD intestinal disease.
4.      Determine whether metabolite fingerprints exist for minor differences between patients with a particular disease (e.g. between patients with
         CD affecting different parts of their intestines).

This is a highly novel project that has the potential to immediately change physicians’ and patients’ approach to IBD. 


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