What We Fund

  • Research grants are available for innovative proposals that will lead to improvements in the prevention, diagnosis or therapy of Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis.
  • Investigators in nonprofit institutions worldwide are eligible for funding.
  • Basic and clinical investigators, scientists not currently working in inflammatory bowel disease, and interdisciplinary teams are encouraged to apply.
  • Preference is given to proposals for work conducted with human samples or patients.  Research using non-human material should lead to translational benefits to patients with IBD.
  • Funding may be requested for up to two years. Second-year funding will be based on an evaluation of the progress and the perceived value of the findings from the first year of funding.
  • There are no deadlines or specific dates by which to request funding. Proposals are accepted and reviewed year–round, and the BMRP-CCFA makes every effort to provide rapid response and funding.
Last updated 06/02/2014